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  • What are allotment candles made from and where are they made?
    Our candles and wax melts are made from a professional grade soy wax blend. We use fragrance oils to scent our candles and wax melts which are very safe to use around the home.
  • Why soy wax?
    Allotment candles are made using a blend that is predominantly soy wax. Soy wax is a lovely wax to use and the creamy colour is very pleasing. The professional quality wax we use is blended with parts of rapeseed wax and mineral wax to improve scent power and to make the wax more consistant as it resets. This gives the quality appearance and powerful fragrance that our customers desire. We use this custom blend to improve scent power without using additives which many 'soy only' candles require.
  • Are your candles vegan friendly?
    Yes the packaging, jars, wax and fragrances I use are vegan friendly. I cannot vouch for the small parts of the candle manufacture process and so we do not advertise as being vegan friendly eg labels or other stickers. I am always happy to answer any questions about these matters, it is important to me to vegan friendly products wherever possible.
  • Do you comply with all relevant regulations and legislation?
    Yes. All Allotment Candles, wax melts and diffusers are labelled with the required CLP labels.
  • I am interested in stocking Allotment Candles products in my retail store, is this possible?"
    Yes. If you are interested in stocking our products please email us for a wholesale price list.
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