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6 Reasons to Give Faux a Chance

Silk flowers are a definite trend. You heard it here first! But let’s take a moment to examine faux flowers in a different light, and see how you can get the best from the ones you have.

My first foray into silk flowers was many years ago, when I first owned my own home. I bought some cream and pink blooms and displayed them in a vase. When I redecorated, the pinks were removed and I added some green faux foliage to the cream flowers to suit the neutral room. A few years later, I painted my front door and wanted a wreath to finish the project, so weaved the pink and cream flowers into a wreath form. That same wreath still hangs on my front door, and every Christmas, I swap the pink stems for some red poinsettia and berries. I guess the point of this potted history of my love of flowers is that silk flowers last forever and are an absolute investment in your home. They never wilt or fade. They’ll never let you down!

We often get asked why someone would choose faux flowers ahead of fresh flowers, but we categorise silk flowers as home styling. Silk flowers are a part of the decor of your room, as are cushions, art work and ornaments. Fresh flowers are without doubt a gorgeous addition to any room, but their value is in the moment, not as a styling piece. Silk and fresh simply cannot be compared: they are apples and oranges; lorries and trains. One does not replace the other, but each has a place and worth of its own.

As noted above, in the adaptation of a summer wreath to a Christmas one, silk flowers are extremely versatile. Our floral arrangements are all made of individual stems, so can be reworked when you purchase a new bunch - combine your eucalyptus and orchard blossom with winter berries and poinsettia for a Christmas display, with peony for spring, or with red and cream roses for summer. Fancy a change? Switch up your stems. The combinations are endless. (Check out our Spring Add-On for this very thing).

Really, this one is just a natural conclusion of the previous points. With so much versatility and long-lasting beauty, silk flowers and faux foliage are investment pieces for your home, representing great value for money in comparison to, and I hate to compare apples and oranges, but … in comparison to fresh flowers!

In these unpredictable times, many of us have sought comfort in making our homes a haven. Give silk flowers to a friend or loved one, and free them from the anxiety of whether to cut the stems or change the water. They can simply enjoy the addition to their home with no maintenance.

The Smell!

This last one is controversial, but in our house, some (male) members of the family HATE the smell of the things others (me) love. I have had to cut the centre out of lilies, have fought the corner of fresh eucalyptus, and have had to donate my hyacinths to get them out of the house. I love the smell of fresh, but not everyone does. So avoid the awkwardness, and give faux.

Check out our Spring Edit for home ideas to make your silk flower purchases. Stay silk.

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