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Trends for 2021

As we look into our floral ball (it’s like a crystal ball, but, y’know … floral), there are a few trends that we think are going to be big. Reading magazines, Instagram and blogs, it's clear there are plenty of trends emerging as 2021 blows wide open all of our expectations, but the range of ideas can feel dizzying. We thought we’d sum up the big ideas into three key trends for 2021. In my opinion, these trends reflect the natural evolution of style from last year combined with an even greater need to make our homes our palaces (plus our workspaces, social spaces, exercise spaces, home-schooling spaces … you get the idea). In 2021, our home is our world, until the outside world is a safer and better place.

The first trend we’ve noticed is towards warmer, softer neutral colour palettes.

In the last few years, we have seen the many shades of grey that have been so popular being edged out in favour of warmer shades, but in 2021 we think there is a return to creams and pale beiges, moreso than the very warm rusts and browns of last year. We know it's important to layer, but in particular, these creams and beiges need texture to add dimension to your spaces. Many of the prints and styles of the last couple of years have been big bold greenery: think monstera plants and large green leaves, and while we love our house plant friends, in 2021, a more wispy and grassy texture will edge ahead: think pampas grass, willow twigs, cherry blossoms and the more muted greens of bay, olive and eucalyptus. Try this look in your living spaces by switching out bold coloured cushion covers for linen or wool in warm white or cream, add throw blankets in fawn shades. Try our Blossom Bunch displayed in a tall earthenware pot, pair our Eucalyptus Bunch with a cream vase, and our Spring Add-On in a combination that suits your space.

Another trend in home décor is a coastal or ocean inspired look.

In our house, we did our very best to eek out the new series of Dream Home Makeover over 3 nights by limiting ourselves to two episodes per night, but this required some serious self control! If you haven’t seen it, go and watch it! One episode in particular stood out, in which Shea worked with her client to bring a coastal theme into bedroom styling. The use of ocean blue combined with raw wood and muted foliage gives a relaxed look with enough character to add interest, without overwhelming the space. Take a look at our Spring Whites Posy arrangement to see this trend in florals. The blue Star of Persia and delicate yellow wax flower breathes ocean inspired freshness into your home.

In another pandemic-inspired change, I think we are seeing a move away from the minimalism that inspired us in the last decade and towards maximalism.

The idea of clean, uncluttered spaces is one I long for, but in reality, this look is very difficult to achieve and even more difficult to maintain. Now that our homes are multipurpose spaces for work, school, exercise etc, maximalism is much closer to an achievable look. That is not necessarily to say that the two are complete opposites. Minimalism, to me, is about function first and loosening our ties to the things that can surround us, while maximalism embraces those ties. Maximalism is a process of carefully curating and enjoying the items we own. Key ideas here are layering, arranging and styling. Minimalism asks you to remove all but the essential, while maximalism embraces all of your precious items and allows you to collect and display these treasures. Take a look at our take on maximalism: our 'Penny' Winter arrangement is full and showy, combining coral shades with mulberry and green; roses, hydrangea, blossom and spruce are layered with our favourite eucalyptus stems. It’s a carefully curated bouquet of everything we love. If you are looking for something a little smaller, check out our Purple Posy for that same stunning pale purple eucalyptus bunch with a pompom bloom, purple sweet gum and ivory lisianthus. It's maximal in concept but perfectly sized for windowsills, tables and sideboards.

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