Our Eucalyptus bunch brings an understated and minimalist flourish to your home.  Its soft green branches are detailed and realisic.  Style in a vase or in part of another arrangement.  We love it style in the grey or white 'Hilda' Vase


The Eucalyptus Essential Oil Candle is a perfect accompaniment to this natural beauty.

Eucalyptus Winter Floral Arrangement

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Artificial flowers can be both beautiful and practical. While they don't require the care that real flowers will need, they still require regular dusting and cleaning to look their best.  

Weekly dustings will remove a little dust and keep your flowers cleaner between deep cleanings.  You could use: A microfiber cloth.A hair dryer set to a low heat.  A vacuum cleaner with an old stocking secured over the hose by a rubber band. If possible, set the vacuum cleaner to its lowest setting.