Our ‘Penny’ Winter floral arrangement is a sophisticated take on a traditional Christmas bouquet. We have paired traditional winter spruce with coral and mulberry florals, giving a whimsical centrepiece which will stop you in your tracks with each glance. The combination of coral peach with deep mulberry is reminiscent of the garden at this time of year; the best of Summer lingering into Winter, singing two melodies at once. The star of the bouquet is the blowsy peach peony, combined with coral orchard blossoms. The hydrangea bloom is beautifully matured with deeper tones of wine and plum, offset by the mulberry roses, deep grape coloured eucalyptus and of course, a stunning gold frosted spruce. These stunning and versatile stems can be adapted in different combinations to take your home through all four seasons.

'Penny' Winter Floral Arrangement

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Artificial flowers can be both beautiful and practical. While they don't require the care that real flowers will need, they still require regular dusting and cleaning to look their best.  

Weekly dustings will remove a little dust and keep your flowers cleaner between deep cleanings.  You could use: A microfiber cloth.A hair dryer set to a low heat.  A vacuum cleaner with an old stocking secured over the hose by a rubber band. If possible, set the vacuum cleaner to its lowest setting.