The last limited stock of the Pink Blush candle.  This is supplied with a 40hr refill in the fragrance Rhubarb & Rose.


Once your candle has completetd its last burn (do not burn if there is less than 5mm of wax left in the jar)  pour in a glug of washing up liquid and fill to the brim with just boiled water.  Allow any wax to harden and rise to the top,  the hardened wax can be binned and the jar rinced with soap and water. remove the wick, wick holder and sticky pad from the bottom of the jar.  Sometimes this just pops off in the soap and hot water.


When your container is clean and dry you can peel off the backing at the base of the wick and press the refill down firmly into the jar to secure.   Please pay attention to the burning instructions.  Please note that the wick may move or fall over if, near the bottom of the candle,  it is burned for too long and all the wax is liquid. 

Pink Blush Candle with refill