Spring-ify your florals with our Spring add-on, which offers you choice, colour, freshness and an injection of new life to your silk blooms. Or buy all six, for a perfect Spring selection.

  • Ivory pompom - showy, snowy and perfectly formed.

  • Ivory hydrangea paniculata - this hydrangea's elegant conical shape adds structure to your display.

  • White cherry blossom - the dark, gnarly branch provides complete contrast to the delicate white blooms. Truly a symbol of the arrival of Spring.

  • Yellow wax flower - a tiny, bright and delicate yellow flower with five petals, abundantly blooming on fine stems.

  • Hops - adding architectural form, these hops stems are fresh and natural, giving in bright injection of green to your display. 

  • Eucalyptus - this staple of any floral arrangement is more than just a foliage for filler; it's a star in its own right. Pairs of muted green leaves cover the stems in this bunch, filling out your display, or as a display of their own.

Spring add on


Artificial flowers can be both beautiful and practical. While they don't require the care that real flowers will need, they still require regular dusting and cleaning to look their best.  

Weekly dustings will remove a little dust and keep your flowers cleaner between deep cleanings.  You could use a microfiber cloth, a hair dryer set to a low heat, a vacuum cleaner with an old stocking secured over the hose by a rubber band. If possible, set the vacuum cleaner to its lowest setting.