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Luxury hand poured candle.  Approx 40hr burntime.

Highly fragranced candle that brings scent and luxury to your home.

This is the scent of the Med with ripe fig, sun warmed berries and cherries, middle notes of hyacinth, jasmine and pine trees; base notes are cedar, amber and musk. Whatever your mood this adds the luxury.


Each handpoured candle is made to the highest specifications.  After much safety and quality testing we have settled on wax and wick combinations that gives the best scent and the longest lasting burn.  We use a professional grade wax that has been specifically blended to bring together the clean burn of soy wax , the stability of mineral wax and the sustainable qualities of rapeseed wax.

Fig & Blackcurrant


I've always been a 'maker' and I also like really nice things for my home.  Some of the candles on the market were uninspiring, dubious scents and unpredictable quality.  I had a feeling I could better!  So in late 2018 I started the process of testing and designing what would become the popular range of products I now have.  

Allotment candles is a luxury candle range inspired by the scents of fruits and flowers grown in this Irish climate, our candles bring a luxury edge to the humble art of planting and harvesting. 

I wanted products that back a punch of high quality fragrance and that add beauty and comfort to the interiors of our homes.  The beautiful amber glass I use give this comforting an inspirational glow lit or unlit.

Over at the allotment we love to see big things grow from tiny ideas.  So don't hold back, plant something, nurture it and watch it grow.

Luxury hand poured Soy blend candles, carefully made in small batches.

Established in Belfast, Co. Down in 2018

Inspired by planting and nurturing of ideas.

Based where the city of Belfast meets the hill & fields of County Down.


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