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Making space for Spring

Spring is a time of transition. We all feel that shift in the late afternoon ("The days are really stretching now, aren't they?" and "Can you believe how light it is at ... (insert a time of day here)!" are heard frequently over the fence. Speaking of fences, it's at this time of year, we realise we haven't really seen our neighbours for the last 3 months! When you move in the dark and huddle in the evenings, you sort of become a little island in the middle of the street, but come Spring, it's all different. Hello neighbours, hello a deep desire to sort the garden out, hello regret for not planting some bulbs last year and hello all things new that will usher in the warmer days a little quicker.

Inside the house, I feel it too. I'm not one for excessive cleaning 🤪, but come March, I'm keen to get rid of some of the build-up. We usually enjoy a good dump run/charity shop run on a Saturday morning: chipped mugs, excess cake stands, broken bits of who knows what ... I feel the need to get rid! I've also been inspired by a few accounts on Instagram: Studio McGee (I mean, I know I'm not ground breaking in recommending this massive account, but really, I can't not!), themodernhouse and myhousethismonth are some of my favourites. So here's a roundup of some tips for making space for Spring around the house:

Use branches to bring some natural elements inside.

They are great on their own as abstract art, for hanging decorations and to add contrast to softer floral elements. Real cherry blossom branches, tree buds or faux stems of apple blossom and cherry are perfect for transitioning between Winter and Summer. Check out our Spring Add-On selection over at the shop.

Declutter shelves and displays.

Removing the Christmas decorations in early January always feels like a huge relief - I enjoy the space that gets reclaimed, but by the end of February, those spaces all seem to have been refilled with clutter! Spring cleaning is a cliche, but there's nothing better than some gaps. They allow space to grow and bloom and move into a new season. I've recently removed 10-15 items from my open shelving in the kitchen, and I'm not in a hurry to fill those spaces. Time and family life will fill them so that I can declutter them again next March, and that's the cycle of life!

Use lively, clean scents to freshen things up.

Candles, wax melts, room scents ... creating a spring home is more than visual, it's multi sensory. I have grapefruit melts in the kitchen to keep the cooking smells in check, a rhubarb candle in the living room and a wild mint candle on the hall shelf so that the fresh smell is the first thing that greets you when you open the front door (that's if we ever leave the house these days in order to come back in again!) Check out Ruth's candles for inspiration.

Add some faux flowers.

This one is a given! We absolutely love the versatility of faux stems for switching and transitioning between the seasons. The Spring Whites bouquet is my favourite at the moment. It's bright, fresh and, well, Springy! Check it out over here.


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